School Regulations

Students are expected to arrive at the school before the assembly bell. The school gate will close immediately after the assembly bell. Students will not be allowed in school after the assembly bell.

A student who is Absent will not be allowed to go to his/her class without proper documents and the permission of the Principal, For absence of three or more days due to sickness the student must produce a medical certificate.

Every child should be neatly dressed when they come to school failing which, they will be sent home. All shirts must be neatly tucked in.

The school is not responsible for the goods lost by the students belonging to the students. It is advisable not to bring any valuable articles to the school.

Care must be taken towards school property. Any damage to school property will be repaired/replenished/replaced at the cost of the responsible party.

A student who has reported unfit on whatsoever ground will not be permitted to attend weekly test and will be sent home.

Students must not ride cycles in the school campus.

Being an English Medium School oral communication in English is compulsory to maintain a high degree of English standard for success in the Council Examination any violation, without adjust cause is punishable.

Every student must be present on the day the school Re-opens on after summer, winter, puja, X’Mas holidays.